Bubbles Game

The bubbles shooter game is one of the more addictive free entertainments out there on the internet. It's about as simple as it gets to play. You need to get combinations of three or more bubbles to disappear. To do this all you need to do is shoot one and the bubbles that are touching it of the same color will also pop.

Like any other free video game, the object is to get the highest score possible. This may require a bit of strategy and here is where the addictive nature comes into full force. At first, the player will probably be quite content to clear all of the bubbles from the screen and level up. Clearing the screen as efficiently as you can, does not correlate to the highest score one can rack up. Actually, its quite the opposite. Use as many turns as possible if you want to see your name on the leaderboard and have bragging rights. Chances are the only person you will be competing against in a game like this, is yourself.

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Some tips for getting a high score.

Use as many shots as possible.

Do not miss. No pressure at all. If you miss, you are out.

Look at the next bubble coming, so you can plan your next shot. Failing to plan in this game is planning to fail!

Try to shoot groups of bubbles at once. If you manage to separate them from the pack, you can earn up to ten times the bonus points. If you are going to waste time while you should be studying or working, at least do it well.

Another great tip to excel at this machination is to work on your angles. Pool players here are at a serious advantage to other players. Being able to figure out what angle will result in hitting the magic ball is really the key to success. It's not rocket science, but not terribly easy to do well. The game is simple enough for a child to become proficient, yet it takes months to master.

Like all things, keep it in moderation. After a few hours, it's time to get some fresh air or you risk losing all your hard won medals on the Bubbles game and turning into a zombie!

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